ServiceNow Deployment

At Epitor we lead the ServiceNow is a cloud based platform specializes in delivering IT service management (ITSM) applications. It incorporates agile development environment with reduced risk of failed deployment. The extensible platform enables a single system of record for IT and standardizes process. Performance analytics manages the insights of business solutions can drive performance improvement. ITSM ServiceNow training enable students learn to build an App Store and create data visualizations for businesses with infuse social collaboration as per the industry requirements.

ServiceNow Training Curriculum

1. Introduction to ITIL 

Introduction to ITSM
Incident Management
Problem Management and change management
Service Request Management
Configuration Management Database
SLA’s and OLA’s

1. Introduction to Service-Now 

Tool Introduction
Current Competitors
User Licenses
Using Wiki and Community

2. Basic Administration

Customizing Home Pages
Form Layouts and list layouts
Adding Users to Groups
Granting Roles to Users
Introducing Applications and Modules
Creation of tables and Modules
Creating tickets and raising Requests
Creating SLA’s
Performance Metrics

3. Advanced Administration

UI Policies, Notifications
Dictionary Entries and Overrides
Data Policies
List Control and Calculations
Exporting the Data from Service-Now
Update sets imports and Exports
Scheduling Jobs

4. Scripting

Business Rules
Client Scripts
UI Actions
Script Includes
Jelly Scripting

5. Reporting

Bar Charts
Pie Charts
List Reports
Pivot Tables
Using scripting in Reporting
Scheduling Reports
Making Gauges

6. Cloning and Upgrades

Need For cloning and ways to implement
Upgrading the instance for new Release

7. Integrations

Web Services: Direct Web Services
Transform Map Web Services
Scripted Web Services
Email Integration: Inbound Actions
Event Registry
Creating and Triggering Events

7. Content Management

Introduction to CMS
Creating Sites
Creating Pages
Creating Blocks using Scripting
Login Rules

8. Configuration Management

Classes in CMDB
Mapping Configuration Item to Asset Records
Loading the CI’s into Service-Now
Relating Configuration items

9. Import Sets

Loading Data of different Formats
Using Data Sources
Using Transform Maps and Transform scripts

10.Service Catalog

Creating Catalog Items using Variables and Variable sets
Creating Record Producers
Design the flow using Workflow
Creating Execution Plans
Writing Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI Policies

11. Workflows

Creating Workflows on different tables
Approvals using workflows
Using Different Activities in workflows

12. MID Server Installation

Installing MID server on a instance
Testing the Mid Server using another Logins
Importing Files by Using MID Server


Epitor Consulting Servicenow training / Deployment will help you to understand the fundamentals behind the ServiceNow platform. Throughout the service now training, we develop a applications that is designed to highlight the key capabilities of ServiceNow.

In the initial service now developer training sessions, we build our foundations, walking through the data model, exploring how to write effective code to implement business logic, and avoiding the pitfalls that come with flexibility and choice in client-side scripting.

Then, we explore the Task table, a powerful kick-start to any application. To head off potential problems, we look at debugging and diagnosis techniques. And finally, we think about automation and orchestration—how ServiceNow can help control the rest of your IT environment. Packed with hints, tips, and examples, this servicenow training helps you to master ServiceNow quickly and efficiently.

What You Will Learn:

  • Dig into the foundations of the ServiceNow platform and build powerful custom applications
  • Design feature-rich, responsive, automated workflow systems
  • Leverage the vast capabilities of ServiceNow to super-power your business
  • Design powerful data-driven applications
  • Control information flow and apply business logic with Business Rules
  • Write efficient and effective client-side JavaScript
  • Explore the working of the Task table in ServiceNow
  • Integrate and exchange data with people and systems
  • Create and secure your systems with proper access control
  • Discover and automate other IT systems

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